Hardest Part about E-Delivery?

What, in your opinion, is the most complicated about the Electronic Delivery Process when submitting a project for the Department? What are the main headaches for you and your firm? Your opinion matters!

  • To us is that every project is different so EDI is never a straight forward process.  Also cleaning up the directories is a huge headache in the end so to get users to keep it clean is the key for us.

  • Thanks, Chad!

    I realize how difficult file management (cleanup) is at the end of a project. I recently had an EDI train wreck at the Nth hour. It would help if you could contact me to discuss specifics because we really are trying to simplify the e-delivery process and appreciate your input.

  • Saying that every project is different is an understatement.. I am going to approach this with multiple responses over the course of several days as there are so many parts and pieces to successfully produce the required final product. This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest problems; there are just too many pieces and parts stroon all through the software and training guides. At any given time in the process of running EDI you need to have the CPCH, PPM, EDI Training Guide, Multi Line oh I hate this one!, the district you’re producing the delivery for guide, I’m probably missing one or two. Keep in mind you may only submit a project once or twice a year so it’s hard to become the expert hence all of the manuals needed. So to sum it up the most complicated part about EDI, it’s too complicated for the once a year user. What’s the answer ? Let’s put our heads together and make it better. It takes a village to….

  • getting plans done in time to be able to clean up the files and not having to rush thru it. plus the subs sometimes need the most cleaning.

    ~James Zuniga
    Greenhorne & O'Mara