EDI PowerGEOPAK Configuration


We have had a number of Support Calls related to EDI not recognizing PowerGEOPAK.  The symptoms of this issue are as follows:

EDI Opens, but but doesn't mine and/or tools do not function.

The Tools > Options > Microstation Tab is grayed out.

The Microstation fields in the Tools > Options > Microstation Tab and the Tools > Options > Sheet Navigator Tab are empty.

If you are able to browse to the correct location for the PowerGEOPAK.exe the setting will not stay set.

Running EDI as an Administrator does not force EDI to operate correctly.



If the above are symptoms you are experiencing with EDI, please see the following:

1. Navigate to the Start Button.

2. In the search field type regedit.

3. In the Program list, right click on regedit.exe.

4. Select Run as Administrator.

5. In the Registry Editor dialog, navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > FDOT > FDOTSS2 registry entry.

6. Select PowerGEOPAK

7. Right click DataPath and select Modify.

8. Copy contents of the value data field.

9. Click Cancel.

10. Select FDOTSS2 > Microstation.

11. Right click DataPath.

12. Select Modify.

13. Paste PowerGEOPAK path in the value data field.

14. Click OK.

15. Open EDI and verify PowerGEOPAK path is now populated in the fields on the Microstation Tab and on the Sheet Navigator Tab.


NOTE: After accessing EDI, you may have to uninstall the EDI Settings and then reinitialize EDI.  This may take a couple of times to do, but this should work.