Correct file name for an Aerial dgn file

I am working on a plans submittal where several sheets will require aerials. Generally, I like to create an Aerials.dgn, reference in all the aerial rasters, and then reference that dgn into any drawing where it is needed. The problem, I cannot find a QC compliant file name for my Aerials.dgn.

Is there an appropriate name for a file or this type or is there another procedure I should follow. I'd like to avoid having to reference the rasters into each individual drawing.

  • Yes, you may create sub-directories under any of the discipline folders. You just can't create additional folders in the root of the project.

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    Per the CPCHB the data directory is set aside for “project data files, for example material backgrounds for rendering”.  To me, this directory would seem a logical location for support-raster files; however if the aerial imagery is being used as or to supplement survey information, I would think the logical location would be under the survey directory.
    Journaling placement of the raster files is also a good idea.
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    Actually I had one further questions concerning the location of the actual raster images. I put them in our survey folder and created another folder called Aerials where the sids and sdws are stored. Will this be QC compliant?