File Names

This sort of relates to the post I made concerning the Aerials file a while ago. I am working on a large project currently. I am going to have multiple TEXTRD, MTPLRD, and other types of files. In order to keep track of which file is which, I wondering if it was acceptable to add small descriptions to the end of the file names.

For example: TEXTRD01_SR1, TEXTRD02_SR2, TEXTRD03_IntDet, TEXTRD04_Utils

In this example, I have plan sheets along two roadways that intersect. I will also probably have intersection details of some sort as well as the Utility adjustment sheets.

First off, is this allowed and will it pass for our Digital Delivery Submittals. Second, how creative are we allowed to get with the descriptions following the compliant file name. I am aware that the first six letters of the file name triggers which rule file it will follow and everything after that is just extra. I don't want to go nuts with the descriptions, just something to set them apart. Chances are, I will remember what the file is, but if someone else is working on the project, they may have no idea what all these TEXTRD files are without digging into each one of them.


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