Corridor lines not showing, still have my template drop lines.

I have been working on this model now for a while and I was working on another part of it. When I can came back to a previous section, I noticed my corridor lines were missing. Not all of my corridor lines though, but just ones for the mainline and a sidestreet. The others i can still see. Also, for the missing corridors, I can still see the template drop lines. The problem is, I can no longer change anything because I need to select a corridor first.

I already tried deleting my GPKRSC files since that seems to be a common theme with SS3, but that did not fix the problem.


  • Sometimes the boundary lines are hard to find. Best to look for the Begin/End tick marks.
    Sometimes the two are on top of one another and others the template boundary can be several feet wider, while the corridor usually hugs the 2D lines.

    In the FDOT workspace the design stage boundaries are complementary and different for the template drops and corridors;
    Preliminary: Gray/White respectively
    Design: Tan/Yellow respectively
    Final: Orange/Red respectively

    Also, use the Project Explorer>Civil Model Tab><design file> to verify the corridors in your file. If you select... then right click on one it will highlight and then you can do most anything from the context menu that displays.


    Answer Verified By: Zachary Billings 

  • When you made edits to your corridor at a different location, were you drawing in “construction class” mode?  F7 will toggle on/off construction class elements.

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  • Vern, Im not sure what it was, but I got them back. I always forget about Project Explorer, but my Corridor was in there. All I did was process corridor. That caused my mainline corridor lines and the sideroad lines to return in the 2D view.

    Also, thanks for the explanation of the colors. I was wondering that as well.

    Mike, my first thought was also construction elements, but I tried toggling that and it just shut all the remaining corridor lines and template drop lines off.

    Thanks guys

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