Placing a custom sign using Draw Sign.

I am trying to place Guidesign cell using the draw sign tool in geopak. I saw from the FDOT webinar that this can be done by created a gswksp.cell file creating a cell there. I have done this but it is still not showing up in Draw sign.  Has anyone successfully done this?  If so please let me know the steps.  I believed that I have named the cell correctly and I have created the correct file. 


  • The DrawSIGN tool uses the MicroStation system variable _USTN_PROJECTDATA to locate the special signs cell library in the project cell directory. The variable gets set when first opening the MicroStation session from the Project drop down menu on bottom right corner of the File Open dialog. Make sure this is set correctly when opening up MicroStation. Also make sure that the cell library GSWKSP.cel is located in the cell directory for your project.