Modeling Tips to Speed up Production

I am doing some modeling on a new project and have been having issues with Microstation just being slow.

I already split my model up into separate files, 2 for this job, sometimes more depending on the size, so as not to overload the file.

Decreasing the interval rate on corridor can help a little, but I feel like at a certain point you lose the detail required to do proper detail modeling.

I usually have a lot of switches in my templates (as opposed to search lines because I just like it better) and I feel like when you get to a certain number of parametric constraints, point controls, external references, etc., everything just starts crawling.

Right now, I am adding 3D civil cells for driveways to my model. These are civil cells that I created and model the entire driveway, sidewalk, util strip, and tie downs. They take several minutes each to place because Microstation is sitting here thinking for every one. 

These are just some things that I do, and there are many more, but I feel like the big issue is that Microstation has a real memory problem. I even got a out memory error today. Until we can get Connect and 64 bit, what else have people been doing to counter-act this memory problem.