Processing speed with GEOPAK/crashing

I have a question but not sure who i should ask about it in the community world. So i have FDOTSS4 workstation v01.08.00 running on a windows 10 enterprise pro laptop and it's a brand new laptop from HP. One of my engineers uses GEOPAK and Microstation on the computer to do his work. They issue that he is having is that on the computer when he is trying to close a project for the compliance check the computer takes upwards of 4 minutes or more to check and close before he can move on to another document. Another issue would be when he tries to open one of his drawing tools in GEOPAK the program crashes every time.

The engineer also has a windows 7 computer and he does the same exact process on that computer, the compliance check literally takes 2 seconds to check and it's done and he can move on to another project. He also is able to use the drawing tools with no issue at all on the windows 7 computer. So had to switch him back to his windows 7 computer until i get this issue resolved on his new windows 10 computer.

My question, is there a settings on the windows 10 computer that needs changing to allow the program to work more efficiently and not crash? why does it take a long time to load different processes?

I don't know who else to ask on this issues so any help will greatly be appreciated.