Unable to change point features

Issue: I'm unable to change the feature of any existing point within the survey data base. 


  • When modifying point field codes ORD locks up. ORD Will not complete the process regardless of how long I let it run.
  • This doesn't happen when modifying field codes on linear features.
  • I can change Zone, Link code and DTM attribute with no issue.
  • There is a direct correlation between the existing (bad / incorrect) field code and new (correct / revision) field code.
    • If the new field code DOES NOT exist in the feature library there is NO issue. 
    • If the new field code is EXISTING in the feature library there is an issue.
  • The issue is present in BOTH the FDOT workspace and the Bentley Imperial workspace.
  • This affects point imports. I've noticed long process times and many crashes.
  • This affects manual point creation from within the survey data base. Expect crashes and long processing times.
  • This affects graphic import of cells to the survey field book. Expect crashes and long processing times.

My ability to create survey deliverables is at a stand still. You can imagine how critical this is to our survey group.

Included a screen capture showing that I'm editing the feature through the Information dialog and not the survey details.

Any ideas?