Copying runs from one .prj to another

We have been having a lot of issues with our gpk being on a remote server. After a lot of searching and getting advice from Bentley, we decided that we need to have our gpk file local. We have a local server in the office, so I created a project directory with just a meta_info and a roadway folder and copied the gpk over. I also copied the projdbs over. The rest of the project needs to stay on the remote server because multiple offices work on those files, but we are the only office using the gpk.

I then created a new .prj in the directory on our remote server. The prj kept the working directory of the remote server, but all cogo preferences were set to point to the local server, where the gpk now resides. This seems to have alleviated our gpk issues for now.

I had a bunch of runs I created for cross sections, sheets, etc. that I could access using the old prj that just had everything on the remote server. I thought that when I copied that projdbs folder over, that would also have all my runs, but it did not. Is there another file that contains all of these runs, or is there something I need to do to be able to copy them over to my new prj?

I have tried Run -> Copy -> Project, but when I select the old prj, there are no users or runs to select, even though I did not delete anything, only copied when creating the local directory.


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