Slow Undo Command

I have tried searching for a solution to this issue, but there are a lot of unanswered threads all over the Bentley Communities. Whenever I use Undo or Ctrl+Z, it takes anywhere from 10-30 seconds to complete the undo, even for undoing a simple line. The other odd thing is its here one day and gone the next. Most of the time I can fix it by just restarting my computer, but not today. 

This currently happening in my SS2 installation. I also have SS4 installed, so this is the most up to date version of Microstation and Geopak we have for the FDOT workspace. I have tried deleting my Geopak Resource files since that seems to be a solution to many issues, but that did not fix the issue. Some of the other threads suggest deleting the upf file, but users who have done this report that it fixes it for a while, but then the issue returns. 

This has been happening to me for a while now and I have a feeling this is some sort of network issue. I use a workstation install of FDOTSS2 and not a network install, so that should help the issue.

I have been working today and this issue has been occurring in my RDXSRD01 file, thought it has occurred in other files on other projects in the past. When I went into my DSGNRD01 file, my Undo was working just fine. So it looks like i narrowed it down to a file issue. Is there anything I can do to the file to possibly resolve this issue?

Has anyone experienced this issue and found a solution?