Project Stationing

Is there a way to project from one civil element to another.  For example.  My PGL will be based on the CL stationing.  Is there a way to project the CL stationing on to the PGL stationing? 

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  • I typically do what Vern said in the second part of his post. Create your PGL profile along the CL element, and then project that profile out to the PGL element. I have my linear stroking at either 5 or 10 so that the vertical curvature comes in reasonably smooth.

    Another thing I just recently did was I had to have my PGL's tie to existing elevations or even proposed EOP elevations from another roadway. When this is the case, you can create construction lines to project that elevation back to your CL so you can get the correct elevation on the PGL. When doing this, you need to watch our for your dependencies.

    For example if you are trying to match existing on your PGL at the begin project, I would create a dummy construction line for the PGL extending from before the Begin Project, right up to the begin project. Make sure that line is not dependent on your PGL, ie dont snap it to the beginning of your pgl, snap it to something else independent of that. Then just draw a line from the CL at 90 degrees to the end of that line to project that elevation back.

    Hopefully that made sense, but if not I can try to explain it better with some pictures later.

    Good luck