Microstation/PowerGEOPAK V8i SS4 - Memory Management - Program Crashes

I was curious if anyone is familiar with enabling the "Lock pages in memory" policy and the Microstation configuration variable "MS_MEMORY_FREELIMIT"

Besides a few mentions in the forums regarding the "MS_MEMORY_FREELIMIT" configuration variable I do not see a full explanation of the syntax and what the optimal configuration should be for its use. Anyone aware of this by chance?

It is my understanding that using these settings will allow 32bit Microstation to address more system memory (or at least address it more efficiently) and hopefully will alleviate some of the constant crashes we encounter while working in SS4 with SURVRD projects. Judging from the description of the crashes we see they appear to be memory related. For instance, a common error we see is described as "SYSTEM FAULT: BAD MEMORY ACCESS."

If needed I can provide more detailed information on the specific crashes or specific machines in use. I've described my current setup below:



Windows 10 x64

Nvidia Quadro M2200

PowerGEOPAK V8i SS4 Version: with FDOTSS4 MR3 (Hotfix 1)


Nathan Fry

I.F. Rooks and Associates - Plant City, FL