Civil Elements Not Drawing Using Active Feature Definitions Level

I can be drawing some ShoulderPaved(PSHLDR) for example in one file and everything is working fine. Comes in with the correct feature, named properly, one the correct level, etc. Then, I could switch files, or over the course of working in one file and switch features and drawing different elements, I am bound to at some point encounter the issue where the line no longer draws on the correct level. The feature will be applied and the element will be named properly, but it will be drawn on whatever my active level is. Since the active level doesnt change every time you change feature definitions, it ends up being on the wrong level. I even just had an instance after switching files where it was drawing my paved shoulder on ConstLines, which was not even my active level at the time.

I end up having to exit the file, Clear Crash, Clear Resource files, and then get back in and it works fine. I have to do this multiple times a day, and when I am spending days laying out plan lines and modeling, it adds up.