Survey - OpenRoads Designer - Mass Editing Feature Zones

For most of my projects I am importing our survey data into a field book using the load features from current graphics option. This seems to work fairly well, however, just like in SS4 there's still some cleanup that has to be done in terms of defining terrain model attributes and zones. This appears to be very similar to the process in SS4 and to define the zones I would use filters to display the specific group of data I wanted, then I would select everything, go to properties and assign the zone and other changes I needed. In ORD, what I'm noticing (I believe this was mentioned in one of webinars as well) is that if you select a group of data and you have the properties window open it hangs for quite a while. The same thing occurs if you switch to it after the fact, which creates a problem since I need to access that properties window to change my zone and terrain model attributes. I've only tested this on a relatively small portion of a current project and I don't think it's going to be able to handle this for the full project.

The survey details window seems to be much more efficient at making these changes but I don't see any way to effectively filter that data (into specific disciplines/zones for instance). Is there a better way to do this? I can probably get through this using my original method (assuming it doesn't crash) but I don't see that being suitable going further.