Importing Shape Files into ORD

Hi, I am trying to import a shape file (.shp) into ORD and it's not coming in correctly. It's off to the side and quite a distance away from the actual project survey. I have checked the geographical settings for the survey and they are correct. I have also tried changing the scale to no avail.

The shape file is being exported out of QuickCapture which is part of the ARCGis software that we use. I have also exported the .kml which I then imported into Google Earth and it came in correctly (correct road, correct coordinates, etc). For some reason when I try to import the .shp file into the survrd01.dgn I am getting an error and no points. If I create a new, empty file and import the .shp file the points come in. For some reason it does not like the survrd01.dgn.

ERROR: [Definition "Bentley.OgrECPlugin ECRepository Ref File Attachment Data Conversion" queries validation failed.]

I haven't gotten this error before so I am not sure what the issue is. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can send the .shp, .kml and the survrd01.dgn if I need to.