Importing Shape Files into ORD

Hi, I am trying to import a shape file (.shp) into ORD and it's not coming in correctly. It's off to the side and quite a distance away from the actual project survey. I have checked the geographical settings for the survey and they are correct. I have also tried changing the scale to no avail.

The shape file is being exported out of QuickCapture which is part of the ARCGis software that we use. I have also exported the .kml which I then imported into Google Earth and it came in correctly (correct road, correct coordinates, etc). For some reason when I try to import the .shp file into the survrd01.dgn I am getting an error and no points. If I create a new, empty file and import the .shp file the points come in. For some reason it does not like the survrd01.dgn.

ERROR: [Definition "Bentley.OgrECPlugin ECRepository Ref File Attachment Data Conversion" queries validation failed.]

I haven't gotten this error before so I am not sure what the issue is. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can send the .shp, .kml and the survrd01.dgn if I need to.

  • If you import the .shp file into an otherwise empty, new file and they show up in the correct location, could you just attach that DGN file to the survrd01.dgn and bring them in that way? Or do they still end up in the wrong location if you do that? You may also just want to double-check that the survrd01.dgn is in the correct geospatial location using the Geographic > Open Location in Google Maps tool. 

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  • Hi, Eddie. I have tried bringing it into a new file first and still no luck. I have also checked the geographic location for the survrd01 and it also opens in Google Earth in the correct location.

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  • Hey, Eddie, I wanted to reply to you as well. We've had good results starting fresh with a brand new ORD file and getting the geographic location set and then importing the survey. For some reason it just wouldn't work originally. Maybe one of the numerous updates we've had ended up helping us out. I had reached out to Bentley directly and to Tallahassee's CADD office.