SS10 Utility Levels in Cross Sections

Good morning,

We are currently having an issue with 3D utilities cutting onto the default level in SS10. I have tried a long list of fixes listed below, but nothing seems to be working. The only thing that does work is using SS4 to cut the exact same file. I checked for differences in the feature properties menus using the buried electric feature, but saw no differences between SS10 and SS4. Here is what I have unsuccessfully tried:

  1. Adjusting the feature in the 3D utility file
    1. deactivating and re-activating the profile on the utility line
    2. recreating the file from SS10 seed and re-featuring and profiling the line
  2. Recreate the cross section file used to cut the utility from SS10 seed
  3. Cell Library in the cross section file set to xsections so ExPipe is available
  4. Toggle on the shared cell in the cell library (oddly enough this removes all utility lines from showing)
  5. Changed the .smd file back and forth to the SS4 and SS10.smd within the PRJ file for the project

None of these have fixed the problem. It is persisting on multiple projects, and I am hoping there is an easy fix to get the utilities to show on the correct levels again when cutting. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Good news is the annotation tool still sees them and will label accordingly.  This allowed us to at least temporarily print to PDF by giving all the existing util linestyle and a misc level.  

  • A bit late of a response, but I just ran into this problem today if anybody out there is still having this issue. When I created cross sections in the RDXS file by referencing my utilities and existing features, the utilities would be stored on the default level, though I could label them. They were created on the correct levels when I created the cross sections from the file where the 3D utility lines were stored (I had mine in a separate MODL file).  

    I'm not sure what files you had your utilities in, but I think you could add the 3D utility lines in your cross section file or create separate cross sections wherever your utilities are stored then copy/reference them into your cross sections.

  • Never too late for this issue. I think based off your solution, you would probably be able to import or copy over the 3D utility features into the cross section file that you're cutting in and get the same results. I have not actually tried this yet, but your answer gives me hope this will work. I ran into a similar issue but in ORD (not utilities but annotations) and copying the feature into the file fixed the issue. I bet this will work similarly. I will give it a test and let you know. If not, I will start cutting in the 3D utility files and copying over like you suggested.