Openroads labels in rotated view

When I place labels using the place note with leader tool and using the text favorites the leader line is rotating based on the unrotated view.

I have looked into the other Bentley Communities and found many people having the same issue but no solutions other than this is just the way it is now.

Anyone encountered this and found a way to have the leader line be inline with the text rather than true north?

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  • Yes, also would like to know the status.  Additionally, how do we achieve the delimiter line between text as we did with the Geopak Labeler?  

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  • As far as I know, this hasn't been resolved in 10.09 either, so we're stuck with it for a while. 
    As for the delimiter, I haven't been able to find a way to include this in the dynamic labels (notes work fine) through Text Favorites. I haven't given the Cell option a chance yet, but that might work. 

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  • I've utilized the underline/overline text options with the text favorites and unchecked the in-line leader.  That's probably about as close as we will get to the old geopak labels.

  • Hey Eddie, I was able to utilize the Cell option by adding a custom "Roadway" version of FDOT's ROW delimiter cell located in ROW_Planviewlabels.cel in the workspace.  It seems their workspace looks for specific names of cel files to use for the tool.  By adding to that ROW cel file (just open the .cel and copy one of those models, rename, etc.  did the trick in a quick pinch of time). Obviously the text fav is within the cell.  I opted to have my cell setup with two separate pieces of text (FDOT text favs) to control the origin for annotation... basically top line of text set to bottom-left and bottom row set to top-left.  Now the only concern is how it flips for left to right justification.  Haven't got that one resolved... but the way it's justified left seems to work in almost every case.  If you're stationing in the project jumps around to 000+00 to something longer like 0000+00 it may get a bit sketchy...  Maybe a fav or each justification and length... Seems odd for such an advanced piece of software... but this is #ORDLIFE ...  SIDENOTE: Apparently (according to personal testing and FDOT Cadd support email correspondence)  the ORD text styles reset justification based on their workspace dgnlib.  It may be necessary to have multiple text favs (copy of FDOT (Small) for example) based on justification.  

    ORD 2021 R1 (10.10), 2022 R1 (, 2022 R3 ( | MS 10.16

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