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I'm having issues with cross section labeling using the XS Annotation Group. It seems as though only certain slope %s get picked up to be labeled. Is there a simple way to add these slope labels to the annotation group library? Or even to manually label the XS.

Appreciate any help. 

  • We've encountered this as well and I believe it is a bug in ORD 10.08. Depending on what you are trying to label, you may be able to use the Place Label tool to annotate the slopes manually. 

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  • Hi there, I'm glad we're not the only ones experiencing this issue. I've tried to use the Place Label tool but it labels it as a 0% slope every time. 

  • I have noticed that it won't place the slope label if the length of the component is smaller than the length specified in annotation group. 
    And yes there is definitely a bug. It puts pavement slopes on one side and not the other and the place label tool doesn't work properly either. We ended up just mirroring the text and making a copy. 

  • This issue still persists in 10.09. I have slope annotation set up not to draw anything if the line is less than 4'. Even still, I end up missing a slope on my 7' bike lane or something like that. 

    What I do is just copy the text for the lane adjacent, or mirror from the other side and place it over that section by hand. MAKE SURE to DROP the text TWICE. You want to make sure its a Text type Element. It starts out as an Annotation Cell and if you copy it, leave the model and come back, it will get all messed up. The first drop drops it to a Text Node, but that will still experience the issue. Drop Twice to Text.

    EDIT: Make sure your drop settings look like this:

    Then you can drop twice to Text and the actual text stays grouped together. Just wanted to make sure this was in the main post.

    Also, if I have to do text for a side slope, and its not standard, I have a little Excel file that can calculate the slope. I just draw a line on NonPlotting to get the X and Y dimensions, then put that into my Excel to get the slope. Next I Match Properties on a piece of annotated slope text. Then Place Text Along my NonPlotting line with the slope I calculated.

    Some hand work is pretty much the norm right now, hopefully Bentley can get it together and actually deliver us a non-beta product at some point.

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  • Thank you for your response Zach. I have one question.

    Drop Twice to Text

    Dropping the text twice makes the text un editable and turning them into complex shapes. Aren't you having the same issue?