SS10 Cross Section Features show up on Default Level when being referenced

I'm using FDOT SS10 MR4.

You can see in the first pic, the fence lines are all being put on the Default level. 

Even the cells that look like they are on the correct level (see the Easement line in the first pic) are actually set to the Default. The point features are showing up as Default as well, which makes using the annotation tools impossible. 

From what I can tell, the issue only seems to happen when the 3D models/features are being referenced from another file and then you try to cut cross sections from them. If I cut the cross sections in the same file that the 3D models/features are in, then everything seems to work fine like in the second pic below. This also happens with the dynamic cross section views. 

I've made brand new files, checked the cell libraries, element templates, and feature definitions, but so far nothing has fixed it. 

  • I've posted a very similar post on here specifically about utility levels doing this. I never got an answer, and like you, I tried just about everything I could think. Even obscure things like element templates, active cell libraries, etc. The only solution I found was to use a spare computer which had SS4 installed still. I'm sure there's a solution I just didn't find it.