Creating ORD 3D deliverables

Good morning all,

I was previously a 2D, SS10 designer for municipal jobs only, now transitioning into FDOT projects in FDOT Connect/ORD and 3D modeling.

What is the acceptable format for delivery of 3D models/BIM information?  I am getting familiar with IFC file format and iModel file format.  

My current understanding is that those two are 3D deliverables for other disciplines and contractors, as references for their designs, asbuilts, etc.

So does the dept. require these files in their submittal packages, or are we sending them solely our DGNs.

Trying my best to find answers in the CADD manual and FDM, but this is all so new to everyone, and the standards aren't fully established yet.

Has anyone had any experience with 3D submittals to the dept. and can you offer any guidance?

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  • Matt,

    The project's scope will dictate the level of modeling and deliverables that are required. Many projects still do not required 3D Models as a deliverable (or as the signed & sealed legal document) but more and more are going that direction, especially with the advent of FDM 900 and ORD. 

    For 3D Deliverable requirements, I would also refer you to the CADD Manual, Chapter 8. Typically, we are delivering LandXML and DGN/DWG files for this purpose.

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