microstation J/ V7 to V8 and resolution?

Hi everyone i have a old project with V7 files (some have level numbers yes) but question is should i continue to use the v7 seed files (with resolution 1000 per distance survey ft) to produce design and plans or should i be converting it to the V8 seed files (resolution 304800 per distance survey ft).

Thing is if i recall from back in 2005 when we went from J or V7 to V8, once you click the file you would click ok to upgrade file to V8, but then i remember there was a FDOT menu bar that had a easy button that you would click and it would update the resolution or something it would do to the file i forget.

Any advice on how to proceed with this project? Should i ignore all files and start from scratch convert the design files and re clip all plan sheets etc with the latest seed files?


~James Zuniga