OpenRoads - Place Civil Cell Not Working

I am having an issue with the place Civil Cell tool not actually opening anything when I click on the ... button. 

Normally this would open the civil cells according to the CIVIL_CIVILCELLDGNLIBLIST; however, I'm getting nothing.

  • I am on version 10.09 of the software.
  • I used alt+tab to check if it was hidden
  • I used cascade windows to make sure it wasn't hiding
  • I have run the workspace doctor (no fix)
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled FDOT Connect 10.09
  • I have tried it on other users computer with the same version and it works fine

Has anyone had this issue, or do you know of a fix for it? The only thing I can think to do would be a complete removal of the ORD base version, all preference files, and the FDOT Connect install as well.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

  • I'm sure this isn't helpful, but I did try to replicate your problem and the Civil Cell dialog opened up right away for me using the same specs as you. Did you try to see if it is "hidden" off-screen by using the Dialog with Focus tool on the bottom bar of the ORD window? 


    Another thought, are you using ProjectWise and perhaps this isn't being loaded in the managed WorkSpace properly? Just spitballing at this point, haha!

    Eddie Giese, PE
    Production Manager (licensed in FL & PA)

    Patel, Greene & Associates, LLC
    PowerGEOPAK V8i SS10 (
    OpenRoads Designer 2021 R2 (
    OpenRoads Designer 2020 R3 (
    ProjectWise Explorer CE
    LumenRT CE Update 14 (

  • Eddie thanks for the reply! So I don't have any windows hidden. Typically it would take ORD a second to load the library view, but I can tell when I am clicking the button, it's just pure inaction. It's not trying to load anything. I clicked that little home window to see if there were any hidden screens as well, but nothing is showing outside of the normal two.

    I am not using ProjectWise at all so that simplifies the issue somewhat. I just re-cleared all of my preferences from C:\Users\nruiz\AppData\Local\Bentley\OpenRoadsDesigner\10.0.0\prefs\ but it still didn't trigger any sort of a reset of the button settings.

    The really odd thing is before I cleared out the civil cell name directory, it was set to the one for urban driveways from FDOT and working just fine. I just wasn't able to swap it. Now I can't do anything because I cleared it out. I tried recording a macro and clicking the ... button to see what command it's running, but the macro only shows the command for placing the civil cell and then nothing else. 

    I may try workspace doctor one more time, but then I will just do a full reinstall to see if that works. 

  • Take a look at your paths. We had a similar issue. Once we pointed the paths to our server we were good to go.

  • How do you open the setting from your screen shot? I can't seem to find it.