OpenRoads - Place Civil Cell Not Working

I am having an issue with the place Civil Cell tool not actually opening anything when I click on the ... button. 

Normally this would open the civil cells according to the CIVIL_CIVILCELLDGNLIBLIST; however, I'm getting nothing.

  • I am on version 10.09 of the software.
  • I used alt+tab to check if it was hidden
  • I used cascade windows to make sure it wasn't hiding
  • I have run the workspace doctor (no fix)
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled FDOT Connect 10.09
  • I have tried it on other users computer with the same version and it works fine

Has anyone had this issue, or do you know of a fix for it? The only thing I can think to do would be a complete removal of the ORD base version, all preference files, and the FDOT Connect install as well.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

  • I have seen this happen on my machine, not sure what fixed it and now it works fine. Either Workspace Doctor, or a re-install of the workspace. As a work around and to verify if you are even getting the library loaded. Look in the Explorer>OpenRoads Standards Tab> Standards>Civil Cells.  If they are there you can right click and place from the list. If not, then the configuration variable to load them is not getting set properly. 


  • Thank you Vern. This is a great workaround. The typical civil cells are showing in the project explorer library and it will let me place from here. I learned after reinstalling ORD that the problem seems to be with the DGN and not with my setup. I am able to place civil cells normally in new DSGNRD files.

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