Text Favorite Manager & Text Style Editing in ORD


I am using  OpenRoads Designer. I am trying to accomplish this: . A vertical leader that extends underneath a partial station callout. I have created a text favorite that does everything except attach the leader to the bottom left of the text. Instead it terminates at the midpoint of the text as depicted here: . I believe this should be accomplished by opening the Text Style Dialogue from the Text Favorite Manager and editing the Line Offset Y field under the spacing tab (Depicted below). Unfortunately this does not change anything. This is odd to me because other changes I've made, such as adding an underline do take effect, but not this one (it seems). Any insight would greatly be appreciated.

  • Brian,

    What is the justification set to, for that particular Text Style? Maybe it is Left Center and you want Left Bottom or Left Descender? 

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  • Hi Eddie,

    I have tried altering the justification in several places including in the text style dialogue as well as in the dimension style. It does not seem to have any effect either. It seems as if something is overriding these settings or taking precedence.

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