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Is there a trick to moving sheets up and down in the Sheet Index? It appears that ORD will only allow new sheets to be added to the bottom of the index. Is anyone else running into this issue?



  • I used Sheet Index on the last job I just did and I will NOT be using it again. Its a complete waste of time. You can get it all set up, but as everyone knows, moving sheets around is very time consuming. Also, as the Index gets larger, it takes longer and longer to process new sheets and any changes you make. 

    Once you get that sheet Index set up, you still have to go open ever Sheet Model of every sheet to get the number to update anyway, which is also time consuming.

    What I am doing on my current project is creating my Index in Excel, which I LDM into the Keysheet for my Roadway Index anyway. Then I go into each dgn with Sheets, open up the Models dialogue, enter the sheet numbers in the Sheet Number column, and then open ever sheet model. Its definitely not the best thing ever, but much easier than dealing with Sheet Index.

    Also, reach out to FDOT and tell them how much you enjoy old Sheet Navigator and how much you would like them to bring it back!

    Zachary Billings, P.E.

    Senior Roadway Engineer (Licensed in FL and MI)

    CONSOR Engineers, LLC

    System Info:

    Windows 11 | Intel Core i7-13700k | Nvidia RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra | 32 GB of RAM | 2 TB Western Digital Black SN850x NVME

    Power GEOPAK V8i Select Series 10 Version | FDOT SS10 Version 01.04.01

    ORD Version | FDOT Connect Version 10.10.03

    YouTube Page for ORD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3S-94f7_yUJ-GMhMYPhInA

  • I 2nd that. I used it for 10 sheets and it was already so so laggy that I told myself never again. I will be using Bluebeam to number my sheets in the corner until Sheet Navigator is back or Bentley decides to fix their Sheet Index tool. It's not usable. 

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