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Had a question concerning annotation that I am dealing with. First, we typically have a Left and Right Slope Annotation. The expressions that are added are really the only thing that make it left or right correct? It has nothing to do with the Annotate Template or Text Favorite used correct? What was the original reason for having Left and Right Definitions?

The reason for the question is that I am attempting to annotate Pond XS. The annotation would only label one side of the other, not both. I am wondering if it has something to do with the model, since the pond corridor is just a big circle (more or less) with a small break between the begin and end so it doesn’t close. So it seems like the annotation does not want to label the same Segments on the same Template twice in one XS.

I have tried have left and right slope annotation on as well as just using one general slope annotation and it doesn’t seem to matter, it still only labels on side. When I did my single slope annotation definition, I removed the expressions entirely and just chose the particular segments of the pond that I wanted annotated. It still only seems to want to annotate them once.

The elevation annotation works for both sides.

Has anyone tried this, or have any insight into these questions?

  • I think you're right in saying it's thinking this is a single element so it only wants to label it one time. Have you tried copying the left or right label settings and changing the label position? I wonder if you would be able to manipulate the label location instead of just using the "on top" if that would trick it into labeling it twice. Just an idea, I have not tested this before. 

  • I originally started out with a Left and Right Slope Annotation, but that didnt seem to matter. I then changed to a single slope annotation, got rid of all the expressions and just chose the segments. My theory seems to make sense based on where the corridor begins and where the annotation I get flips. It is only placing annotation on the segments once, on the side that has the lowest station value with respect to the pond model corridor.

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