Level overrides not carrying through in Plan sheet models in ORD

what is the deal with setting level overrides in a planrd file in default model for instance color 20 for survey and it not carrying through the view model and sheet model?

  • Level overrides typically do not carry through more than one level of nesting. Given the new ORD setup always creates a drawing model then a sheet model, overrides are not easily usable. I did find a configuration variable which would allow it; however, it created more unintended consequences for me. 

    I would personally recommend using the pen table for gray existing and then adding the logical name topo, drex or utex to your surv file reference instead. This will give the desired color 20 output without the need for an override. You can use this same logic to create overrides for fill shapes. 

    It took me a while to figure out how to even get a working motif with the new clipping. Overrides are something I sort of gave up on due to the two layer references depth in ORD. I hope this helps. 

  • so how are we to take FDOT shoulder hatching line styles to show as they are coming out so small with a scale its not eve readable in the plan sheets due to scaling issues

  • So typically the shoulder hatch line style scale would be set to 1. This will scale up with whatever you set your annotation scale to in your motif file. If you don't use motifs, it will follow the scale of your sheet model. The way I do it is set it to 1 scale, then I have the drawing scale set to 1:40 and the shoulder hatch will annotate with it.

    If you do not have this set up like this and your shoulder hatch is coming in very tiny, you will want to check the drawing scale in the sheet or motif (that's the easiest fix) but that's going to probably blow up your text if it's also set to annotative. So you might instead want to just modify the linestyle scale of your shoulder to be higher so it actually comes out correctly. You can set it to whatever you were going to override it to. 

  • We've certainly encountered this as well, especially if you make changes AFTER the sheets have been cut in your PLANRD file. The most common reason is that, by default, the Display Overrides reference attachment setting for the Drawing Models (and subsequently Sheet Models) is set to Allow. We've found that changing these to Never has been a reliable solution. This will force the Drawing and Sheet Models to inherit the settings in the Default model, which is acting as your motif.  

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  • Yes, it took a while to figure out the trick to it! I was messing with the dgnlib settings forever trying to see what would make it set to "Never" by default. Changing your user configuration variables before clipping sheets to "never" and then changing back to "allow" after was the best fix for getting a working motif for us.