New Sheets/Models are being created with No Nesting (instead of Live @ 99). In both cross sections and profile seeds.

As stated in the subject upon trying to recut profile and cross section sheets all of the sheets were displaying as empty (except for the annotation) and I noticed that every new model (both the drawing models and the sheet models) created from those named boundaries have their references set to No Nesting. This was not happening earlier in the project for profile creation, and when it did happen to the cross sections, I had to create a new "cross section starter" file (I tried a new sheet seed but somehow even that didn't work) so I tried that same process on "plan/profile starter" but that did not work in this case. This issue is happening in cross sections again as well and I have attempted various seed files (original FDOT and my new custom ones) but all are coming in with No Nesting. I have tried remaking new named boundaries but that did not change anything. Is this a known issue with a solution?

Thank you