FDOT SS10 - Elements Disappearing While Drawing

I've never really had an error like this before while using SS10; however, I recently got a new computer and that's when this problem started. When I try to draw elements or text, the elements partially disappear while I'm drawing them. When I click to place, I can see the graphics just fine. Zooming in and out will flicker the graphics while mid placement. Has anyone run into this issue previously? I can fix the issue temporarily by running workspace doctor and resetting settings; however it becomes corrupt again within minutes.

In the image below my line should be going from the top of pavement to the middle of the pipe, but you can see it's only partially visible. I assume there is some graphical setting that needs to be tweaked. Not sure if this can be handled with a configuration variable or if it's a known driver issue?

Has anyone else had this issue before?

  • This sounds like a graphics driver issue to me. Do you have Anti-alias Lines turned on or off in your User Preferences? You could try switching those to see if it makes a difference, or could also try messing with the Line Weights display. 

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  • Thanks for the reply Eddie. I tweaked the settings of the anti-aliasing but it didn't seem to make a difference. I wonder if I need a display driver update or setting tweak. The problem doesn't happen at all in OpenRoads and this is a newer laptop so hopefully it's not just incompatible hardware and there is a setting fix somewhere. 

    Edit: Here is a gif of it in action. Resetting the gpk rsc with workspace doctor fixes it on my first line then it gets messed up immediately upon drawing another element. 

  • Try setting the following variable: QV_D3DVERSION = 9 

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