FDOT Connect - Geotech Boreholes in Cross Sections

First post here so sorry if I may have done something wrong. We are working on a submittal using FDOT Connect and need to show the boreholes in the cross sections. I know the old way of doing it in SS4/10 but I have not come across any information on them in the new Connect software. Looking at the NexGen FDM standards (905), they are no longer a requirement (just subsoil excavation) but the plans we have are more of a hybrid using Connect but following 319 which requires soil data. 

With that being said, is it possible to have the boreholes show in the cross sections? Is it as simple as following the Chapter 6 in the Existing Features Modeling manual and referencing in the 3D model? I know that chapter is only for the plan sheet creation

  • Jason,

    As you have said, the boreholes are no longer required in cross-sections in the plans.

    There are currently tools in the FDOT software to generate plan view locations and 3D boreholes in the model. 

    As you may be aware, you can't project objects into a xsection view that do not fall on the station of the view. You would need to manually create named boundaries at the borehole locations for boreholes to show up in xsection, then manually label them by hand.

    We are working on tools so that the geotech's can generate xsections at the exact borehole locations (not at specified intervals) for review purposes. Our plan is to release these tools and workflow for the summer maintenance release around the July time frame.

  • Mike,

    I am running into some potential coding issues with the ORD regarding the Placement of Boreholes.  When I try to place the boreholes into a 2D file I get this Error Message:

    It throws the message for every boring that is loaded in the XML file.  After I click through each one, it displays all of the borings, but when I click on the boring cell, it does not provide the geotech parameters in the properties.  

    When I try to place the borings in the 3D view, it only places the first boring in the XML file and it doesn't complete the process (i.e. no SHWE rings) and if I click on the boring wick or the individual strata shapes it does not provide the material information or the stored boring information from the XML file.  

    I noticed from the October 2021 Geotech Tools Webinar, the Artesian Depth and Artesian Head parameters were not listed in the Geotech Data Manager entry for each boring.  But the current version has it.  Is that parameter location not properly coded, and is there a workaround?

    We are on a project that we are ONLY scoped to Digitally Seal the pavement models related to cross slope correction, so we are in a similar quasi state like Jason, and at this point I'm not sure exactly which requirements we are to follow if we are modeling but not digitally sealing the earthwork models and if we need to show the borings in the cross sections or not.