Strip Grade Annotation in VCs Only (ORD)

Hi all,

Hoping that someone has had success in getting the strip grade annotation within ORD (I'm running 2021 R1 at the moment) to only appear within the limits of vertical curves. The settings for Vertical Components under Manage Annotations don't behave as I would expect and I've tested them all to no avail. 

It is difficult to efficiently comply with the requirements of FDM 915.3.2 as a result. Even though this is no longer displayed in the exhibit (no vertical curves in that, by the way), it is still required in the text. Here's a snip of the FDM 312 version:

It seems we pretty much get all of the strip grade annotation (for the whole alignment), an individual location, or none. 

Any help is greatly appreciated! Hopefully I've just missed something silly.