FDOTConnect / ORD - Wrong Pay Item DB? (PayItemDB.xml)

We were having trouble finding Pay Item numbers in the ORD Pay Item List. Digging deeper we found that the vast majority of the Pay Item List items were obsolete in the BOE. Further research uncovered a second PayItemDB.xml in the 0_TEMPLATE\Symbology folder. On copying it into the working folder, voila! - all seems well on selecting Pay Items.

We noted that the DB copied in, was 5 times bigger and 9 months older. Go figure!...

So what's the deal here? Any reason that we are not on safe ground in copying this over?

Followup question: What is the reason for putting the DB in the 0_TEMPLATE folder? Is it intended to be part of the deliverable? While it kinda would make sense to do so, the DB would only be current as of the *start* of the project, not the *end*. Is it intended that we keep the file updated in each job on our server every time FDOTConnect is updated?

Followup Followup Question: It would sure be nice if Pay Item Numbers not found in the DB would be listed as such in the Takeoff Manager Summary Table Excel reports instead of being skipped!

  • Mike,

    There is an application update link provided on the https://www.fdot.gov/cadd/downloads/software/fdotconnect1010-cadd-software software downloads page that has updated resource files.  That should fix the issue you're seeing with the pay item listings.

    While the PayItemDB file is delivered in the workset to ensure that it is in place when a project is created, it is also delivered in the FDOTConnect10.10 installation in the following location: FDOTConnect10.10\Organization-Civil\FDOT\StandardsData, and can be copied from there to update the file located in the project's symbology folder whenever a maintenance release is published for FDOTConnect10.10.

    Quantity Takeoff Manager will only process current, standard, valid, open pay item numbers that do not require approvals, tech specs, or special details.  If you believe that a pay item meets these requirements and is not being handled by the QTM, please reach out to me and I'll be glad to look into it for you.  Any non-standard pay items can be calculated using an alternate method such as the one shown in the Automated Quantities training for the Summary of Clearing Grubbing and Removal Items.

    Hope this information helps.  Please reach out to CADD.Support@dot.state.fl.us if you have any additional questions or concerns.


    Kandi Daffin
    CADD Support Specialist
    Florida Department of Transportation
    Production Support Office | CADD
    605 Suwannee Street, Mail Station 40
    Tallahassee, Florida  32399-0450
    phone: (850)414-4289
    email:  mailto:kandi.daffin@dot.state.fl.us
    web: http://www.fdot.gov/CADD

  • Thank you Kandi for the very quick response!

    Clarifications, please...

    1. "Traffic Applications Update.zip"???   Wouldn't a better filename / description be "FDOTConnect" or "FDOTConnect MR1.zip"? The word "Traffic" is what caused me to overlook that update.

    2. You say...

    While the PayItemDB file is delivered in the workset to ensure that it is in place when a project is created

    ...What do you mean by "in place"? Seeded "in place" in our job on our server under the FPID? Does this imply it is a deliverable requirement?

    3. You say...

    can be copied from there to update the file located in the project's symbology folder whenever a maintenance release is published

    ..."Can"? Why would we want to go to the trouble? Basically, it's still not clear what the purpose is for putting the DB in 0_TEMPLATE.

    4. Lastly, the pdf says to get on Randy Roberts' email list to be notified when there is a new update. Is Randy's list for "Traffic Apllications Updates" only? Or for general/any/all updates?

    5. Honestly lastly: You finished by saying "email if you have further questions". Does CADD Support have particular objections to using BeComm? I like the BeComm concept because it is a great community resource. I would think you would also as it cuts down on repetitive support.

    Again, thanks for the very quick response!!!

  • 1. It wasn't released as an executable.  I'm not sure why it wasn't called a "hotfix".  The only files affected were related to the Traffic Tools, so I would assume that's why it was posted as it was.

    2. It's my understanding that the traffic tools are pathed to look to the project's symbology folder for this file.  I don't believe it is a deliverable as-such, it just goes with the project so that the database in use at the time the project was developed can be kept together with it (I think).

    3. If the PayItemDB is changed/updated between the creation of a project and final submittal, you will definitely want to update the file so you have the most current pay item list in the database in your project.

    4. Randy is working with our 3rd party developer to build/maintain the Traffic Tools.  I would guess his list is for S&PM updates/info.  If you want to sign up for general CADD office updates, including maintenance release notifications, you can sign up for the Contact Mailer here: https://fdotewp1.dot.state.fl.us/ContactManagement/Utilities/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fContactManagement

    5. Emailing CADD.Support comes directly to the FDOT CADD Office support group, and the support staff member most familiar with your inquiry will be able to respond.  While we try to periodically check the BeComm site, you may not receive a response as quickly as contacting us directly.