ORD Hangs When Changing Views

I am using ORD with the FDOT Connect Workspace, latest version. I have a brand-new file where I have started doing some cross-slope correction. I have three Views open: Default model, Default3D, and Cross Section. Going from Default View to either Default3D or XS is seamless; there is no discernable lag, I just start working in that view. If I am in either the Default3D or the XS view, and try to switch back to Default, there is about a 10-15 second hang that occurs where ORD is not responding. After that time, I am able to work just fine, but this hang is slowing me down quite a bit.

I do not have Explorer or Properties open, as I know this was the cause of hanging / not responding issues I was having previously when switching views in this manner. This hanging issue is being caused by something else I have yet to determine. Several others on my team have reported this issue as well.

Has anyone encountered this issue?