FDOT Connect10.10 Enhancements Discussion

Hi all! 

I wanted to use this forum to offer up a few "enhancements/fixes" for the WorkSpace for consideration and community discussion. This is pertaining specifically to FDOT Connect 10.10 MR2, but would likely apply to future releases on the 10.10 platform and potentially the new 10.11 platform. 

  1. Turn on "Manage Modifications" on all Alignment and Profile Annotation Definitions (FDOT_Standards_Features.dgnlib)
  2. Correct the Digital Signature Note in the border of the Typical Section Package seed (FDOT-ORD-TypicalPackageSeed.dgn) and (Sheets.cel)
  3. Improve Corridor Handle visibility. This could be done a number of ways: increase weight, increase length, decrease spacing (FDOT_Standards_Features.dgnlib)
  4. Add focused Cross Section Annotation Groups that use the Annotation Definitions provided. Thinking here is that we may come through and add say, wetlands, after the XS have been annotated so we would want to just annotate those. While it's relatively easy to make your own Annotation Group as needed, it would be nice to have a handful that are pre-packaged for less savvy users. Separate Annotation Groups could include R/W, Wetlands, Fence, Proposed Utilities, and so on. (FDOT_Standards_Features.dgnlib)
  5. Combine the Sheet Seed Definition DGNLIBs into one DGNLIB per product (ORD vs OBM). Bentley has expressed on many occasions that keeping these in one DGNLIB greatly speeds up processing time at file open. (Dgnlib/Sheet Seeds) and (Dgnlib/Sheet Seeds_OBM)
  6. Have the Summary Reports Builder also recognize the EQSignature.xlsx in the Calculations folder. This would save us a few steps every time we run the EQR. 
  7. The automated Summary of Clearing Grubbing and Removal Items flips the Quantity and Secondary Quantity columns when it is processed. This is a relatively easy fix in Excel after the Summary box is generated, but it would be ideal to have this populate correctly direct from the Takeoff Manager.

Thank you all for your feedback in advance! I think we have a strong community that really pushes the capabilities of the design tools that we use, and I'm proud to be a part of it!