Alignment and gpk issues

This is a pretty bizarre issue, so I will attempt to explain as best as possible.

I have been working on this project for a while. CL_CONST chain stored in the gpk. I then had to extend the gpk at the beginning 500'. So i extended my first tangent section 500', created a new complex chain and used Geopak Road Store Graphics to store the new chain, overwriting the old one.

After doing this, I realized something was wrong with the original chain because all of the stationing after the first curve was off. There are three curves at the beginning of the project and the stationing got more and more off with each curve.

For all three curves, the radius was 430' on both chains. The odd thing was that on the new chain, the curve lengths were suddenly slightly longer than the old ones, which resulted in the stationing being off.

All I did was extend the chain at the beginning; I did not modify any of the other lines.

It seems that somehow the original chain was somehow stored incorrectly with shorter curve lengths.

Now another issue that I am seeing is with the new chain. I use DNC manager to plot the chain, which produces the full chain. When I open up COGO to describe the chain, the PI matches what was drawn. But when I use plan view labeler to check that PI point, it is incorrect and significantly off.

I understand this is quite a complex issue, so I anyone is able to do a gotomeeting, I could more accurately show off what is happening.


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