Truncated Dialog Boxes

We received a Support Call where one of our users had an issue with a Truncated dialog (the Draw Ancillary Features dialog).  This dialog is not only truncated, but it cannot be resized.  Please see image below:

To resolve this issue, try the following steps first.  The following steps will preserve your Microstation User Preferences:

1.  While in Microstation, Navigate to Actions > Cleanup and QC Utiliities > RSC-UPF Cleanup Tool.

2.  From the RSC-UPF Clean dialog, select Cleanup RSC's and UPF.

3.  If the dialog does not correct in size, close Microstation/GEOPAK.

4.  Open Microstation/GEOPAK.

5.  Open the Tool with the Truncated dialog.

If the above steps do not fix the problem please complete the following steps:

  1. Close out of Microstation/GEOPAK.
  2. Navigate to the c:\FDOT2010\workspace\prefs folder.
  3. Delete the FDOT2010.upf file.
  4. Open Microstation/GEOPAK.
  5. Open the Tool with the Truncated dialog.


If it's a GEOPAK tool you may have to delete the RSC files

  1. Close out of Microstation and GEOPAK.
  2. Navigate to the c:\FDOT2010\temp\GPKRSC\ folder or use the Actions > Cleanup and QC Utilities > RSC-UPF Cleanup Tool.
  3. Highlight the entire contents of that folder and delete press the delete key on the keyboard.
  4. Open Microstation.
  5. You will have to Activate GEOPAK by selecting Applications > GEOPAK > Activate from the Microstation Menu Bar.
  6. Open the Ancillary Features tool.