Workspace Repair Install Effectiveness

I am upgrading a user from ustat/gpk to pgpk. I an uninstalling everything Bentley and then installing pgpk. After the Bentley install is finished, is it necessary for the FDOT Workstation to be reinstalled in order for all the hooks to reengage? Will it suffice to merely do a repair install of the existing FDOT Workstation install? Programs & Freatures shows it as v1.0.0. Will a repair install revert the current 1.2.1 back to 1.0.0 thus nullifying the MR2 update and hotfix? If so, will the bar menu and version.txt reflect that it indeed has reverted back? Or will I be deceived into thinking I'm still on 1.2.1? If the MR2 is retained, will the hotfix also be retained?