How to Create a "From Home" Workspace in OpenRoads FDOTConnect

My company currently has our default FDOT workspace drop down store/use worksets on a shared network location. This is not a good option for working from home because of how slow it is operating over a VPN. We do not use ProjectWise. I would like to create a second Workspace that uses all of the FDOT standards, but stores its Worksets on my C drive.This would allow me to copy full FPID folders onto my desktop or C drive and then paste to the shared network to update files. I have tried several things to accomplish this, but the "HOME" workspace always wants to create worksets in the shared drive location instead of the local drive. I have tried environment variables and a series of config files, but I seem to be missing something. Does anyone have a workflow on how to do this? I managed to accomplish this for SS4, but I'm not having as much luck with ORD.

My current environment variables:

FDOT_ORGANIZATION = C:\FDOTConnect\Organization-Civil\


HOME_WORKSETS = C:\FDOTConnect\Workspaces\  (seems like this variable isn't actually doing anything though)

Thank you,