[V8i & GS 6.0] Multiple signs of different sizes

I know there is a problem with showing multiple signs of different plot scales in FDOT's guide sign work sheets.

I recently watched the webinar that was posted and have a different approach to making this work.

Most of us designers and reviewers want the signs to show in the order they appear in the project.

In order to do this you will need to mix signs of different sizes on one plan sheet or create multiple plans sheets to cover all of your signs.

My preference is for less sheets so this is what I have done to work around this issue.

1. I have modified the reports and sheets cell libraries to include a single pane report and sheet. This was done by dropping the FDOT 4 pane to extract just one pane.

2. Create you guide sign design file as you should with the create file routine.

3. Create all of your guide signs in this file. Use the single pane sheet and report at the necessary plot scale.

4. Add a label outside each sheet as to what that individual signs plot scale was (so you won't have to remember what it was 6 months later).

5. When you have finished your signs, create a regular plan sheet, and a standard FDOT plan sheet border.

6. reference in your guide sign design file in (4 times if you have 4 signs).

7. arrange them in the appropriate order and use the reference file scale to modify them as necessary. I use the "by points" to scale them to 1/4 of the sheet. Clip each sign so that is the only one you see and you should have a plan sheet that looks like the FDOT 4 pane guide sign work sheet.

These steps will eliminate the scale conversion issue for the FDOT sheet labeler as well as the issue of haveing one large sign next to a small one and then trying to figure out the scale factor for the dimensions so that you can read them on the sheet. 

I am sure that there are others ways, but I have found that for a number of years this has worked for me.