Is it possible to modify the dimensions without dropping status on the design? For example, I want the over panel depth (5'-6") to not be in the report section of the border.

  • I created a work around for this problem that takes a little effort up front, but also eliminated the issues of not being able to put the signs in the order in which they are shown in the project and having signs that are too small or large in the standard FDOT guide sign work sheet.

    I took the standard guide sign work sheet and dropped it so that I could take a single report section out of it. Created a single report cell and added it to the report lib. I then create my guide signs as single reports in one file and the reference 4 of them into a plan sheet border and scale them up or down as necessary to fill 1/4 of the sheet.

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  • That way you can set the plot scale in guidsign to fit all of your different size signs with a report will eliminate the issue you are having.
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