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I was unable to get help elsewhere, so I was hoping someone here could lend a hand. When I place text on a sign panel using one of the Clearview Fonts, everything displays as expected. However, if I go to Edit Highway Text and type a new value in (for instance I misspelled a word), it changes the font to something strange and loses its intelligence. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, can you offer a solution or a workaround other than manually going back into the Advanced... section and re-selecting the appropriate Clearview Font or replacing the text altogether?? This seems like a bug to me.

  • This problem has not been reported to us.  Unfortunately, we can not test this on our end as we have not purchased the Clearview Fonts.  However, I will research this issue starting with Transoft Solutions (creators of GuidSIGN) and see what we can find out in order to solve this issue.  What version of GuidSIGN are you currently using?


  • Transoft Solutions suggests:

    The reason the fonts change is due to the fonts not being installed on the computer editing the Highway Text.  For example, the sign panel is created by a user that is a sub to the prime.  The sub user has Clearview Fonts installed and is a licensed Clearview Font user and creates the sign panel using the clearview fonts.  The sub user then sends the sign panel to the prime, but the prime does not have the clearview fonts installed and attempts to edit the highway text.  Since the Clearview Font is not installed on the primes pc GuidSIGN attempts to use the next best font.

    However, there also might be an issue with the Clearview Font installed resulting in the same behavior when attempting to edit the Highway Text.  There is no clear indication of what may be the cause of the Font becoming 'corrupt', but if you are a Licensed Clearview Fonts user you can reinstall the Clearview Fonts and it should correct the problem.  If reinstalling the Fonts, be sure to close GuidSIGN.

    Let me know if this helps...


  • Thanks for your help. I did a little more testing with this and have found that the problem occurs with ANY TrueType font, not just Clearview. I've tried using Arial, Times, etc. and each time it defaults it to font 0 with no spacing attributes, and in some cases causes the element to no longer be recognized as Highway Text by GuidSIGN.

    FYI, I am a licensed user of Clearview and attempted to reinstall without any luck. I am using GuidSIGN 6.0 on Windows 7 with MicroStation V8i SS2, if it helps.

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  • Here is the resolution:


    From Transoft Solutions:

    Would you be able to check if this applies to you, since one other user encountered somewhat similar problem, and this is what they found out on their end:

    “The root of the issue ..... font numbers and resource files. For some reason we had resource files in the project workspace path that had font numbers that were also being used with other resource files within the same path. Once we took out the unnecessary files (since GuidSIGN uses Windows fonts) it is working properly now.”


    From eddiegiese to Transoft Solutions:

    The issue now appears to be resolved. For some reason, we had a .rsc file that contained the Clearview fonts as well. When I removed them from the .rsc file using Bentley's Font Utility and restarted MicroStation, the problem no longer occurred. It is now properly pointing to the TTF versions of the Clearview fonts. I realized that they may be contained in an .rsc file when I saw that they had a font number associated.