DrawSign - Missing Sign Sizes and Special Sign Sizes

If the correct size is missing from a panels size list or if you are dealing with Signs created by the GuidSIGN program you can add the missing size and square footage to the Draw Sign Panel Size List.

 Special Sign Sizes are done by the following procedure:


  1. On the Panel Properties Tab, click the Size pull down to highlight.  (This will produce a drop down list of the available sizes for the selected panel.)
  2. With the Size field highlighted hit the ESC key on the keyboard.  (This will enable an edit function for the Size field.)
  3. In the Size field, type in the size in the following format for FDOT jobs:

              Inch” x inch”, sq foot (30”x24”,5)

  1. Tab out of the Size Field to accept the size edit.
  2. Verify the new size in the list.


Note:  There are other formats that are accepted in the size filed found in the GEOPAK Help file, however, the format in the steps above are standard for FDOT jobs.  This format is consistent with the with other sign sizes placed with the Draw Sign Program.