GuidSIGN 6.*/AutoTURN 8.* PowerGEOPAK - Missing Toolbar Icon Issue

The AutoTURN and GuidSIGN programs will run just fine on a PowerGEOPAK platform, however, there are configuration issues with AT 8  and GS 6.  Please see the following:

As AutoTURN 8 and GuidSIGN 6 are not officially compatible with Power GEOPAK and the current setup does not check for PowerGOPAK.  Because of this the AT or GS Installation does not copy the toolbar dll file to Power GEOPAK icons folder. The toolbar problem can be remedied by the following:

Download the CustomVar.txt at:




Please copy the product dll (e.g. AutoTURN.dll, from AutoTURN 8 and GuidSIGN.dll from GuidSIGN 6) to the …\Bentley\PowerGEOPAK V8i\PowerGEOPAK\icons directory.

The GuidSIGN.dll and AutoTURN.dll files will probably be located in the following directories:

C:\Users\Public\Transoft Solutions\GuidSIGN 6

C:\Users\Public\Transoft Solutions\AutoTURN 8

 Please adjust the above path accordingly to suit your Power GEOPAK installation.

After that, please start AutoTURN 8 and GuidSIGN 6 and confirm that toolbar is being displayed.

Note:  You will have to have admin priviledges in order to accomplish this configuration.