Editing lower case text height while using Mixed case letters

Good morning,

I am creating a sign using mixed case (ie upper and lower) letters.  The upper case letters should be 16" while the lower case letters should be 12".  However, when edting the text settings within the panel style for mixed case lettering, it only allows you to set the height of the uppercase letters.

When I generate a report for the sign, it shows that my letter sizes come out to be 16" upper and 13" lower.

Is there a way I can make it so that the lower case letters are 12" in height? 

Thank you.

  • In GuidSIGN, the lower case letter height is linked to upper case letter height with the ratio 1:3/4 (this is hard coded and cannot be changed). In other words, if you define a word to have 16” height and the first letter is upper case and the rest of the letters are lower case, that means that height of the upper case is going to be 16” and lower case letter height will automatically be 12”.

    However, becareful.  Sometimes if you set the Highway Text - Advanced dialog as shown below, the lower case letters may be 9" instead of 12" (since 12 x 0.75 = 9).

    You can do the following when placing Highway Text:

    Click on Edit Highway Text, and set as follows:

    I am checking to see if this can be saved as a Preset Text Format and if so what the procedure is to do so.  If I can figure that out, I will post another response to this issue.


  • Thank you!  That did it.  Now I just have to look up how much space to put between the first letter and the second letter, because when I first made the edit with the spacing set at 0, it smushed the lower case letters close to the upper case letter.

  • I updated my previous post with a little more info.  You may want to read it again.  I'm still working on this issue, to figure out why it's not rounding correctly.  I'll let you know what I find.


  • Can you email your DGN file and your Sign Panel .ssi file to brad.eiler@dot.state.fl.us for review.  I've got Transoft Solutions Support involved in order to resolve or come up with a workaround for your the rounding issue you have reported.