Cross Section Labeling - Segment Labeling the Existing Ground

Good morning,

I am in the cross section annotation stage for my corridor. I am trying to apply the slope segment labels. I only have two points selected (See picture) and for some reason, the labeler is giving me those labels along with a ton of existing ground labels. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. It seems to only happen on the first five sections out of about 250 sections. Could there be an issue in my GKLNRD01 file?

Miscellaneous Info:

- The feature definition of the points in the template is SlopesBreak_pm

- The segment is an end condition that targets the active surface

- The preference setting used in the Annotate Cross Sections is Ditch Slopes

The two points selected in the screenshot are for the 1:6 front slope off of the roadway.