Cross Slope Evaluation @ Even 100s

I am using a simple template to detect the existing cross slope along a roadway corridor. I am using the corridor report titled "FDOT_ExistingLaneSlopes.xsl" to generate the results in a nice tabular form. My only issue is that the report is sending me results at odd stations. I have the template drop interval set to 100 and I start on an even station. 

I thought of a potential work-around by just adding key stations at the even 100's. The only issue is that I cannot add more than one key station at a time. 8 miles of key stations seems tedious. Question 1: Does anyone have a way to add multiple key stations in at once? I have tried pasting in columns from excel with no luck.

I remember the old corridor modeler having a setting of increment/even and that might help keep me on the even +00 stations. Question 2: Does anyone know if that setting exists in the SS3 corridor modeling?

A potential concern is that I am using horizontal feature constraints to project to the EOP and crown lines. This might make the template process at an odd interval instead of just using a standard offset (see picture). 

Any help is greatly appreciated,