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I am attempting to create my XS sheets and having some issues. It started with the Create Cross Sections. I kept having to re-run my XS due to making changes to my model. So what I would do is delete the previous XS model, then run a new one. After several times needing to do this, when I would try to hit apply to create a new XS model, nothing would happen.

I then decided to create a new file and everything worked fine. Then the same sort of thing started happening with my Label Cross Sections. My Surface dropdown had nothing in it. Also, when I would go to Features - Annotate, my Cross Features window had nothing in it. 

I then asked someone else in the office to open the file and everything was working just fine for them in the same file. At the same time they were checking that, I again tried creating a new file and was able to run my new XS model and then label my XS as well.

It seems like something is happening on my machine where if I run the XS too many times, it breaks the file and I can no longer use it to run XS. I already tried deleting my resource files, but if anyone has a solution, please let me know.

Also, is there a better way to update by XS model besides just deleting it and creating a new one? I know I could probably just run in the sections that changed, but I figured it was easier to make a new model since I hadnt done any labeling or anything with the previous run.


  • One method we have been using that seems to work well is to create a copy of your cross sections once you've cut them and have the cells oriented so you know that they more than likely won't change in the event that you need to re-cut proposed due to modeling changes. Preserve this model as the "main" and delete out everything except your cross section cells, ancillary data and any hand edit you may make as well as labels. Once the "main" model is created, reference in your "proposed" model in. Once this is set up you can use the "main" model to generate your sheets. After generating sheets highlight the XSections referenced and set them to live nesting.

    this has worked well for our larger projects.
  • Thanks Mike, I like that idea for making changes. Now I just need to figure out what is happening with my file...

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