FDOT Existing Lane Slopes - Horizontal Feature Constraint

I am attempting to generate existing cross slope data. I am using the FDOT "EX_4LANE_PVT" to do this. I typically do this by using horizontal feature constraints to target the lane borders; however, the report generated ignores the horizontal offsets using feature constraints. The report uses the horizontal offset from the template to generate cross slopes. (Example: My horizontal offsets in the template are -1 & -2, -3 & -4 for LT lanes. My target offset is actually around -20s and -30s. I place horizontal feature constraints at arbitrary features to get the actual lane offsets. See pictures below)

This works if your alignment doesn't vary relative to the lane offsets, but on some jobs this may be an issue. Is there a way to make the report use the actual offsets from horizontal feature constraints? I can work around this for now as my alignment doesn't vary greatly, but this won't be true for all jobs.

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Plan View Actual Offset: